The Menu

You can get a ticket for the evening at the cost of £32.00. You can book on the booking form here


Here is the menu, complete with pictures to help you decide which main course you want!


Hassleback squash with vegan cheese, topped with pistachio and walnut and served with a basil tomato sauce (this dish can be served nut free)

A delicious butternut squash slashed across the back into multiple pockets each lovingly filled with vegan mozzarella style cheese, roasted until the edges are just caramelised and finished with nuts and a basil and tomato’s sauce

Chicken Roulade stuffed with goats cheese and sundried tomatoes with a white wine cream sauce

A succulent chicken breast coated in a rich blend of goats cheese and sundried tomato rolled and roasted to mouth watering perfection served with a complimentary wine and cream sauce

Calvo de Peixe (Portuguese fish stew)

An aromatic combination of flavours conjured up on the romantic island of Madeira with chunks of smoked and non smoked fish immersed in a dusty pink broth of sublime joy