The Beyond Playwork (Playwork Plus) Awards 2022

The Beyond Playwork (Playwork Plus) Awards 2022  

Sponsored by: TBA



  • Wendy Russell
  • Pete King
  • Tracey Beasley
  • Yanina Koszalinski
  • Amanda Pick

The Shortlist!

For many Playworkers the job goes beyond just supporting play and it encompasses all the things that have to happen in order for the child to be in the position or frame to be able to play. Historically we can look at early texts about what the ‘playleader’ did at the adventure playground and we read about home visits, checking in on the welfare of families, helping with food and even buying clothing. It is not so much different today. There are programmes to ensure that children get breakfast every day and lunches during school holidays for a hungry child will have difficulty getting into play, some settings resource clothing and shoes and play rangers engage with whole communities. Adventure playgrounds are picking up on and filling the gaps in welfare services and right across the Playwork sector settings and those who staff them are doing what needs to be done. Persuading funding streams to support playwork

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