The Training and Mentoring Award 2020

Training and Mentoring Award

Sponsored by: CACHE
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The Shortlist is here!Training shortlist 2020



  • Ali Wood
  • Helen Simpson
  • Sam Mackey
  • Simon Bazley

For 2020 the training award has been broadened to include those who help to upskill others in playwork, not just as a trainer, but as Mentors. A Mentor could be a manager, a more experienced staff member or another playwork peer whilst Trainers support playwork learning in both formal and non-formal training, workshops and qualifications.

The judges are looking for an individual or organisation who delivers training or mentoring which inspires, motivates and enthuses others.  The training award wants to recognise the passion and enthusiasm of individuals and organisations who are working to promote the Playwork Principles in an innovative and engaging way.

What the judges are looking for:

  1. Explain what the trainer/ mentor did that was innovative, inspiring and stimulating
  2. In what way is the training/mentoring underpinned by the Playwork Principles and playwork theory?
  3. How the training / mentoring supports diverse participants’ learning?
  4. How has the training/ mentoring influenced or changed yours or others playwork practice?
  5. Give examples of how the training/ mentoring supported and encouraged playworkers to learn from each other.