The Paul Bonel Special Mention Award 2020

Paul Bonel Special Mention Award

Sponsored by: Play England

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The Shortlist is here!Bonel shortlist 2020



  • John McKendrick
  • Keeks McGarry
  • Magda Gay
  • Margaret Deevy

This award is to be given to a living individual who has made a contribution of significant impact to the play and playwork sector but who does not fit in to any other award category. This could be a recent contribution or one that has been ongoing for a while.

This is not a lifetime achievement award but an award for what could be a single significant piece of work or project or something that has been happening over a long period of time.  It could be local, regional, national or international.  The award will be given for quality of impact rather than scale.

What the judges are looking for:

  1. Explain how this person is having an impact on the quality of, and access to
    • play opportunities,
    • improvement of playwork practice,
    • understanding of the importance of play?
  2. Describe how this person’s contribution is making the greatest impact:- children, play workers, families, other professionals working with children, the general public, MPs, peers…
  3. State how this person is making a significant impact on the attitudes and behaviour of those involved in play and playwork regarding the inclusion of all children and families – ie disabled children and those from ethnically, culturally and socially diverse backgrounds
  4. State how has this person’s contribution is long-lasting and / or making a sustainable impact.