Raising the Profile Award 2018

Raising the Profile Award  

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Sponsored by: Play Scotland

This year’s recipient is: Denise McVeigh

Last year’s recipient was: SWAPs (Save Watford Adventure Playgrounds)



  • Mick Conway
  • Morgan Leichter – Saxby
  • Pete King
  • Tracey Beasley
  • Wendy Russell
  • Yanina Koszalinski

There are many people who are doing their bit to tell the world about playwork and how important the work that we do is.

This Raising the Profile award is to honour an individual or an organisation who through their tweets, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, podcasts, or books and chapters in books has helped to spread the word and tells people that what we do is important.

What the judges are looking for:

  1. How have they been raising the profile
  2. In what way has this nominee’s work had an effect on the children and young people?
  3. What level of engagement have they had from the playwork world and the outside world?
  4. How has it made an impact?