Playwork in Other Contexts Award 2016

This years recipient: Blue Coats CE VA school

blue coats.jpg

The Shortlisted Nominees were:

  1. Play on Wheels
  2. Blue Coats CE VA school
  3. Play Gloucestershire
  4. Pop-Up Adventure Play

Judging Panel Convenor: Steven Chown

The Judging Panel:

  • Cath Prisk
  • Mick Conway
  • Jane Hembrow
  • Sarah-Jane Lowson
  • Claire Meares
This award is looking for examples of how the playwork approach is being used in non playwork or unconventional contexts; where children’s play, for its own sake, may not be the primary purpose. This could be doing playwork within school provision, in recess or as part of the curriculum; using playwork approaches in education or learning; for creative work within communities; prison visits or other childcare; as a mechanism for accessing funding or any other aspect where playwork is the medium and not the context. It is also about keeping the playwork flag flying as regular funding streams dry up and finding new ways to deliver a playwork service.

What the judges are looking for:

  1. How this is innovative?
  2. What messages about playwork is it giving and to who?
  3. How this is still playwork
  4. What makes this a good project?